Monday, January 16, 2012

More Modern Quilting Designs

More quilting from Modern Quilting Designs by Bethany Pease.  I'm inspired. A pillow was a perfect way to practice new quilting ideas.   Really want to do this on a full size quilt.  Loving the pebbles in the leaves, or are they feathers.  Either way, they're pretty fun.
  I started the new year wanting to go through my fabric and use or get rid of some.  I've been sewing and buying or "collecting" fabric for 20 years.  It was time for some of it to go.  Spring cleaning in January.  Scrap Attack over at Stitched in Color was just perfect timing. Great idea.  I attacked the pinks and made progress.  Found 3 pieces that are left~over from old projects and I will never use them again, so out they go.  The rest will be used for a scrappy triangle or pyramid quilt.  Feels so good to clean out a  little.

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  1. Wow! That pillow is amazing! I just want to keep looking at that stitching, the way it moves. Impressive!