Monday, January 9, 2012

New Quilt Patterns for a New Year

I love it when the quilting is so right with the quilt that my eyes are going back and forth between the quilt and the quilting..when it all comes together to make the whole package.  I'm always trying to make that happen and always looking for new quilt patterns.  It seems so easy to get stuck in a meandering rut and lose inspiration when it comes times to quilt the quilt top and lets face it, by the time I'm done with the quilt top, I'm usually ready to move onto my next quilt.  I ordered this book,  'MODERN QUILT DESIGNS' by Bethany Pease, right before the holidays and just got it.  This book is full of fun, easy patterns for modern quilts.  You really don't have to meander every quilt. 

Quilted a tabletopper and love the way it came out.  A fun afternoon was had by all.  Makes me look forward to quilting the quilt as much as picking out the fabrics and piecing the top.  

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