Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st Steam Punk block

It seems like it took a big chuck of yesterday and part of this morning but I have a block. Wasn't completely confident it was going to come out just right.  Was so tempted to order the templates would be so much easier and faster but theres something about making your own templates out of an old cereal box.  Sometimes in this crazy, fast-paced 2013, I like to slow down for a moment and enjoy the process.  I love to feel that small connection to the past but of course I love my rotary cutter and can't imagine having to make all my quilts by tracing around a piece of cardboard with a pencil.  In my first quilting class we made the first block, with templates and we even hand-pieced it, before we moved on to a rotary cutter and the sewing machine.  I suppose that seems a little unnecessary but I've always been  thankful for that experience.
I taped my pattern sheet to a window.

Then a put a piece of paper over the pattern and traced my pattern pieces.

Next add a 1/4 inch seam allowance to templates, cut out and glue to cardboard and cut out.  Anyway, thats the backwards way I do it. 
I used Badskirts turtorial for adding the center circle.  Very helpful. New block next friday, or maybe saturday if next friday is anything like yesterday.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prism Quilt Along

Its quilted, finished, done and I really like my prism quilt.  I first started making my prism quilt with halloween fabric but kept thinking about this quilt..the one I ended up making. I really wanted to work with some low volume fabrics and I wanted it to be scappy.  I changed the quilt pattern a little by adding the border...really I must say because I'm lazy.  I wanted the quilt to be a little bigger but didn't want to make any more blocks, soooo maybe being lazy isn't always so bad.

The quilted swirls are new for me...they are from Angela Walters.  I've wanted to try them for awhile.  They took some time but I was happy with them.

The back is pieced.  I like to use what I have and I like the way it looks.  More interesting.  The vintage pink band members are fun, don't you think? I found this piece of fabric at a yard sale.  Check out the other Prism quilts on 13 Spools.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Steam Punk Friday

The plan was to finish up some projects before I start anything new...HA..isn't that always the plan?  But reallly, there's way too much fun going on out there to not join in.  Sooo...I now have fat 1/8ths of the new and wonderful Denyse Schmidt line of fabric, Florence and a Steam Punk pattern by Jen Kingwell  from Australia.  I'm starting to see this pattern everywhere it seems...there is a steam punk flickr group for it. (really amazing I think). My NEW plan is to make a new steam punk block every friday.  See, then I can still work on all those other things I'm suppose to be getting finished.  Steam Punk Friday...almost sounds like a party!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Working on...

Don't know what it is with the barn quilt blocks but I've taken pictures several times..different locations and this is just as good as its going to get.  This is a BOM at my local quilt shop, The Village Mercantile.  Traveling, you see more and more barn quilts and the incredible thing about America's barn quilt trail movement is it really did start with one person and a single barn quilt panel, the Ohio Star, in 2001.  I didn't have a barn to put a barn quilt on, but I do have a fence.  It was my husbands idea to make a barn quilt for our fence, ( he's creative that way).

Lori Holt is doing a quilt along with quilt barns on her blog, Bee in my Bonnet.  Her barns are bright red, turquoise, pink and yellow.  There're fun and wonderful annnnd ..she has barns with silos and even a tractor to use on the back of the quilt as a label.  Check it out!  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Reporting In

The quilt on the left with the flying geese is done...quilted and binding complete..ready to use.  The flying geese were made using 3 different charm packs, PB &J, Reunion, and Lucy's crabshack.  It reminds me of vacations by the ocean.  The other is a finished top for the Prism Quilt along.  I modified the pattern, by doing a border.  I admit this came about by laziness..I just didn't want to make any more blocks but felt the quilt needed to be bigger.  I'm so happy with how this turned extending the diamonds out into the border...I think (hope) it keeps my eye moving and keeps movement in the quilt.  Now it just needs to be quilted and finished by Sept. 9th....super fun!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I can feel summer winding down.  The days are long and quiet.  Everything is still green but the leaves are dull and the air is hazy and dusty.  I'm sewing on 3 quilts right now.  Two are part  of a QAL hosted by Amy of 13 Spools, called Prism along, and the quilt pattern is one that Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons designed.  I've been a regular reader of Faith's blog for several years now.  She always has lots of imformative scoop and her quilts are wonderfully modern and fresh, so I was excited about sewing one of her patterns.  Its fun to get to know Amy though her blog and she is making this a great QAL, with several interesting interviews and tips on paper piecing.  When it came to picking fabric for this quilt, I had several ideas and couldn't decide so I'm making two. 

For the first one, I'm using halloween fabric from the line Boo Crew.  I'm excited to add another row to see further how this is going to look.


I 'm  REALLY excited about how this is going.  Not sure if there is enough contrast in some places, but have my fingers crossed that it will work when more blocks are added.  Using those fun low volume fabrics.

NOW, these I can't stop fact its kind-of all I want to do.  I call them, potato chips....get it? I saw them on, Crazy Mom Quilts.  Amanda Jean has a pattern and turorial for them but, addictive.  These cuties finish at 3 1/2.. tiny. I have 240 done and don't know for sure what I'm going to do with them or how many I'm going to make.  Love them.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Scrappy trip along

In January, after all the Christmas holiday business, when the nights are quiet again, I found the tutorial for this scrappy trip along on Bonnie Hunter's blog.  Apparently, quite a few others stumbled upon this scrappy wonderful pattern.  Its seems to be everywhere.  I really like how it turned out and loved making it. I could make several more, which usually isn't the case, but I never got tired of making these blocks.  Its uses 2 1/2 inch strips, so if you use a precut jelly roll it goes pretty quick. 
Not so much cutting....wonderful!