Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st Steam Punk block

It seems like it took a big chuck of yesterday and part of this morning but I have a block. Wasn't completely confident it was going to come out just right.  Was so tempted to order the templates would be so much easier and faster but theres something about making your own templates out of an old cereal box.  Sometimes in this crazy, fast-paced 2013, I like to slow down for a moment and enjoy the process.  I love to feel that small connection to the past but of course I love my rotary cutter and can't imagine having to make all my quilts by tracing around a piece of cardboard with a pencil.  In my first quilting class we made the first block, with templates and we even hand-pieced it, before we moved on to a rotary cutter and the sewing machine.  I suppose that seems a little unnecessary but I've always been  thankful for that experience.
I taped my pattern sheet to a window.

Then a put a piece of paper over the pattern and traced my pattern pieces.

Next add a 1/4 inch seam allowance to templates, cut out and glue to cardboard and cut out.  Anyway, thats the backwards way I do it. 
I used Badskirts turtorial for adding the center circle.  Very helpful. New block next friday, or maybe saturday if next friday is anything like yesterday.

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  1. Very nice block. You did a great job piecing. I make my templates from recycled cardboard boxes, too!